In the property sector, printed brochures are usually one of the first pieces of marketing collateral to land with the customer. It is their first chance to see the property and your first chance to create that lasting impression.

We found that the characteristics of products printed for this industry are usually highly finished, case bound and produced on a short run basis promoting exclusivity. The size of the product varies and it is never a case of “one size fits all”.

Below you will find some examples of the processes we have utilised to contribute to the finishing of brochures, including foiling and embossing using high quality materials throughout and which we can complete in-house at our factory. We have refined our very best printing techniques in order to produce the high quality photography to the very best standards.


Highly finished
Case bound
Various sizes
High quality photography
Short run (exclusive)


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Park Crescent

Our client wanted to create a property brochure that would blow your socks off. The brief was continually evolving to push the boundaries of normal brochure production. Initially it started as an A3 landscape with 72 pages case bound book with foiled cover and 4 tipped-in simulator pages – increasing to 162 pages and 20 simulator pages.

After the first round of trials we found it was not suitable to tip in the simulator pages conventionally as the simulator page count went up to 20 leaves and gilt edging was introduced to the specification.

Our client then also wanted to thumb cut with extra-large cuts which involved making abespoke cutter to stop any bowing under the weight and to maintain rigidity and durability.

  • Side sewn book block
  • Gilt edged
  • Thumb cut
  • Foil blocked
  • Double head and tail bands

‘The graphics were meticulously executed and the numerous printing processes were produced exploiting the printer’s total dedication at every stage.’



One Big Company wanted to produce a premium case bound book and a Floorplan Book to showcase their work.

During consultations with our client we suggested that both books would work a lot better if they were incorporated in to one final book.

The extravagant design called for a printed cover on the case bound book which was mounted with debossing and needed to match the print underneath perfectly. This was particularly difficult to achieve.

Our client consulted with several printers on how to achieve this and found the CPI Colour were the only one up to the challenge.
We debossed the printed case cover and registered the design with print impeccably.

Our client commented that it was the best print job they had ever seen.