Point of sale displays are visible everywhere we go and all are bespoke and tailored to the promotional requirements. We’ve found that by understanding the shopper journey and position of product in the market we had the necessary tools to create successful custom-made POS displays. Our CPI Connect team have delivered displays and exhibitions in several countries which you can view here.

Christmas Windows

The campaign design needed to be subtle to allow the product to stand out whilst the creative set the mood for the displays.

The point of sale materials consisted of printed backboards for windows and in-store display, window vinyls, bespoke printed wrapping paper to match the backboards used to wrap gifts in the window and under the tree and also bespoke printed baubles and props.

These concepts were displayed in-store for 4 weeks over the Christmas period, remaining until we implemented a new “SALE” campaign in the following year and then followed by a Valentine’s Day campaign.

exhibition stand


CME are a regular exhibitor at trade shows throughout Europe and were looking for a way to increase engagement with their client base at events.

CPI Connect have been working with CME for the last two years on their events which included designing and building stands that would promote their brand, and so both teams began consultation on how to encourage clients to actively approach them at exhibitions.
CME wanted to stay true to their American heritage whilst promoting themselves at trade shows and so it was decided that an ideal way to achieve this and interact with customers at the same time would be through a hot dog stand – widely associated with vendors on various New York city streets.

Having worked with several suppliers in the past, CME were keen to work with CPI Connect. A huge priority for them was insuring the brand was present and true throughout; something they struggled with previously. The stand itself would need to be compatible with different locations and flexible enough for transport yet sturdy
enough to stand the test of rigorous use.

The stand has already been a massive success at several events and is still used for many CME events across Europe.


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