We work in partnership with designers providing bespoke printing solutions. We are proactive in providing advice and solutions to ensure innovative, cost effective visual communications are delivered to match the highest expectations.

Our advice on substrates and processes ensure quality is not compromised, budgets are met and timelines are adhered to.

CPI’s wealth of knowledge, experience and resources give our clients the confidence to use CPI time after time. Pushing boundaries, utilising new techniques is the best way to achieve outstanding results. See our Jaguar case study on how we went the extra mile to get an amazing finished product.

Special Features

Close partnerships
Pushing boundaries
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Special Features

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A luxury newspaper style property brochure was the starting point we were given by Edge Design. After several discussions it was decided that the brochure would be colourful using 4 colour images and graphics and also using fluorescent pink and gold.

We used the largest page size possible to show off the various images and the big areas of pink and gold at their vibrant best.

Having discussed with our client what they wanted to achieve, we found three different papers that could work for the newspaper look the designer wanted, dummies and a variety of paper weights were trialled. Once a choice was made we tested a mixture of images, graphics and plan pages. The plan pages needed a skilled understanding of art working to set up the right amount of lock to achieve consistent lines when coming out of the opaque metallic gold.

Sign off was done via Epson proofs and then sent straight to print. Because of the heavy coverage of ink and the potential stretching of the material we decided to perfect the printing on a Heidelberg 12 colour press. This would mean both sides were printed in one run and would reduce any risk of fit because of paper stretch or marking. Folding, collating and stitching were all done in house and brass stitches were used to add an attractive finish.

  • Newspaper style material
  • Scatter proof on press
  • Artwork set up
  • Intricate double page spreads


Simply Extraordinary

Accord Group needed to produce a large brochure which would be the centre piece for any coffee table and would express luxury.

The required size proved to be tricky as the brochure needed to be printed digitally with layflat binding.

We were able to achieve this, which other printers our client consulted, could not do.

Accord were thrilled that we could achieve what they had envisioned and they have garnered new accounts as a result of the quality of the their luxury brochure.



Suitcase wanted to create a beautifully printed magazine, using a mix of material which would enhance their photography and add to the reader’s experience when reading the magazine.

The schedule for the Suitcase projects is expectantly tight due to the volume of imagery and content which needs time for finalising in the Suitcase studio.

Using our new Upload System (Insight), the files were quickly sent to CPI. They were then viewed as a PDF flick book within 10 minutes and confirmation to proof was given. This made the initial production and proofing a lot quicker.

When printing, the use of our 12 colour Heidelberg Perfector and 2 x XL 6 presses made the on-press checking and passing very quick, and allowed the magazine to be produced on time.

Sebastian Bland (Suitcase Design Director) “Printing with CPI Colour has been a great decision, their proactive approach to our production has given us the extra time to finalise our artwork and take the magazine content quality up another level.”