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Special Features

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Pearson: Scratch off codes

Our client needed a way to include variable data in their books in order to collect and disperse information through a web based platform, thus personalising the product.

However, with a limited budget provided and commercial constraints this proved to be difficult. Our solution was to include a 16-digit variable data code on the inside cover of each book which can be traced. Each code would be covered with a scratch-off foil and is individual to the owner of the book.

To create the foil, we decided to bring the process in-house. Normally this process is created using latex, however, after many trials we developed a foil that can be applied using normal methods and scratched off without damaging the print underneath in our own factory. This solution was only offered to the client by CPI Colour.

This solution allowed the books to be truly personalised.
Since its application, this process has been applied to a wide range of products for the client who is delighted with the results and data capture the personalisation enables.

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