The most significant characteristic of any printed material in the automotive sector is colour reproduction to the highest possible standard. Often we are tasked with replicating the look of fabrics and paintwork for printed brochures, which we have done successfully for many leading brands. CPI Colours’ investment in pre-press and, colour management aligned to the very latest technological advances in ‘on press’ colour controls enable CPI Colour to achieve the best results, consistently.

Special Features

High quality colour reproduction
Replicate complicated visuals
Case bound

Special Features

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Our client was very specific that they wanted to produce a book that would be outstanding and this book needed to be a spectacular piece. With this job we found that printing 364% ink coverage on bible paper and Omnia 120gsm would be tricky. Also, we needed to find a black cover material that did not mark and thread that would match the colour of the car interior. To combat these issues we decided to perfect the bible paper, print the text pages on the XL with Impress, insuring the 4 colour background matched perfectly for colour throughout.

We also dyed the thread to match the Jaguar red. We supplied dummies prior to production in order to reduce any issues before printing. This in turn allowed the job to be delivered on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.The client was very impressed with all of the work and the fine attention to detail on the project. Jaguar the brand is “technical artistry, agile and sculptural”, which was reflected in the printed book.